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Carlo Rizzini

Hunting has always been my passion and I am sure this feeling is particularly shared by all those who practice this sport, and generally speaking, whatever their own discipline is, by all sportsmen.

I am convinced that the true essence of hunting is to challenge themselves and wilderness: that is what excites me. Knowing and trying to understand nature, respecting its laws, admiring a sunrise or remaining silent immersed in chirrups chasing each others on the sunset.

Handing down this philosophy is a mission that I will keep doing tireless, starting of course with my children. Today, as it was in the past, the hunter is a sentinel of nature. Today, more than ever, I believe that does not matter the game bag dimension, but the challenge itself.

These are the reasons why I decided to be sponsor and spokesman in the hunting world of .410 gauge cartridges utilisation.
Historically, this gauge has generally been regarded as a "sparrow cartridge" and precisely for this reason I think it is even more "stimulating" than his gauge 12 bigger brother.

A .410 gauge, put on good hands, like no other one stimulate the hunter ballistic skills...

Choosing the ammunition is also important; in collaboration with Fiocchi we developed a 19 gr lead shot cartridge with a high stopping power and small pattern dispersion, guaranteed even at long distances. In addition, Fiocchi worldwide sales network allows buying almost everywhere its products avoiding any bureaucracy.

Some years now, both passion and friends convinced me to organise hunting holidays in Ireland, kingdom of woodcock, snipe and pigeon. The high quality of its game and uniqueness of its territory, supported by a ​logistic organization accurate to the smallest details, make each holiday a unique one. In addition to all that, for the fans, the great pikes fishing.