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Fiocchi Munizioni 140 Anni

Hunting cartridges

With its wide range of hunting cartridges and its search for new technological solutions, since it was established Fiocchi has always responded to the needs of a great shared passion and has evolved constantly to remain at the forefront.
Modern hunting is a discipline in which traditions are not forgotten. It builds on its essential ethical values and love of nature using a scientific and biological approach, in which considerable importance is given to specialization of the cartridges. Fiocchi diversifies hunting cartridges according to the type of wildlife, shooting distance and environmental conditions.


Lines Smoothbore

Classic Line

Fiocchi’s historical "all-around" line gets a packaging makeover and looksmore modern than ever. A sure-fire choice for PL and Bior aficionados,...


Wetland Line

Our renowned steel loads, available in 12-gauge (including magnum)and 20-gauge options, for any wetland game from snipes to geese.The perfect choice a...


Performance Line

New colours and new packaging for high-performance rounds that guaranteeexceptional performances in any hunting endeavour: from shooting huts toalpine...


Excellence Line

The best-in-class Fiocchi rounds: made with utmost care for big-game hunting, pairing refined aesthetics and unparalleled performance. The right choic...



The Flobert line offers rimfire cartridges, ideal for close shots at small birds and small rodents. Discover the accuracy in close shots with the 9 Fl...


Lines Rifled


Fiocchi’s decision to produce these lines was supported by significant investment in terms of resources, research and development. Our American ...


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