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Fiocchi Munizioni 140 Anni

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Classic Line

Fiocchi’s historical "all-around" line gets a packaging makeover and looks
more modern than ever. A sure-fire choice for PL and Bior aficionados,
available in various gauges and in a wide range of...


Performance Line

New colours and new packaging for high-performance rounds that guarantee
exceptional performances in any hunting endeavour: from shooting huts to
alpine hunting, from wild boar to woodcock....


Excellence Line

The best-in-class Fiocchi rounds: made with utmost care for big-game hunting, pairing refined aesthetics and unparalleled performance. The right choice if you want the absolute best, perfectly...


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Daniele Di Spigno
Giovanni Pellielo
Georgios Achilleos
Antonino Barilla'
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Luca Miotto
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